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Corporate Yoga and Pilates/Yoga and Pilates at Work



Invigorate your workplace or corporate event with

Yoga or Pilates from the team at

             ZenErgy Healing   


Support your employees’ health and well-being whilst increasing your organization productivity

We offer corporate yoga and pilates classes and courses can be offered at a time most convenient to your organization and 

employees schedules – before work, lunch, after work or within standard working hours.


Our work, home and family daily lives can be so full that we can easily get lost or caught up in the day-to-day business of our lives, all of which can leave us to experience stress and/or mental over-load. 

We can then start to disconnect from our bodies, get drained from the reduced quality of our thoughts and/or constant mental activity, and accumulate in our bodies the tension from our days.

We then most likely start to lose the enjoyment, engagement and productivity at work, and in life in general.

The debilitating effects of stress in the workplace, including increasing illness and absenteeism and decreased productivity is costing companies and our economy immensely.


or just want to thank your employees for a job well-done, make your office party, corporate event or golf day an event to remember?


Our Yoga sessions are tailored to relieve stress and re-energise the body, mind and soul. 

This will leave your team feeling happier, more alert, concentrated and highly motivated.

What a great way to boost morale in the office and to show your employees how much you value

their contribution to your business!


ZenErgy Healing although provides seated chair massage or table massage to the workplace as well as for a range of corporate events. 

We can provide a team of qualified, experienced and professional therapists for any size company from 2-20,000 and service all employees from factory floor staff to CEOs.

All our Therapists are fully qualified and insured.


See for yourself what the benefits of yoga/pilates or massage can do for your business.


Get a quote now! 

We bring our own professional equipment and can provide mats and props.





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