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Yoga has so many different styles and I've been asked many many times what is better .. Yoga or Pilates or both or Yogalates Fusion.

There is no better ... :) ... you can relax ..


The practise of yoga is intended to be joyful and to lighten the heart and mind by calming and energising.

I encourage students at all levels to build flexibility, strenght and stamina of body, mind and spirit. Exercise, breathing and meditation are the main elements. bringing the body and the mind together.

Yoga philosophies, such as ahimsa (non violence), are threaded throughout our classes.

This brings a deeper understanding of the key yogic values including healthy diet and as a consequense, that yoga becomes a way of life and new life choices.


As soon as you start practising yoga it will be the first step of your own journey. Enjoy! 





Pilates or Contrology as it although has been called. 

The Pilates Method is taught to suit each person and exercises are regularly re-evaluated to ensure they are appropriate for that person. Due to the individual attention, this method can suit everybody from elite athletes to people with limited mobility,
pregnant women and people with low fitness levels.

Yoga and Pilates     Pilates is a method of exercising that lengthens and stretches all                                                                                  the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced way.

                                          Yoga brings the body and mind together and is built on three main                                                                               elements - exercise, breathing and meditation.

                                                        Yoga and Pilates both improve muscular and postural strenght.



to our Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Pilates Matwork Classes


                                                Please check out our               for classes and timetable        



Always conduct your doctor before embarking on any new fitness programm, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition or have not exercised in a long time.






 Casual visit   $ 18/1 hr+    (students/pens. $ 12) 

 5 sessions   $  15 = $   75

10 sessions  $  12 = $ 120



               Classes at Ultima Fitness, 20 Stuart Street, Tweed Heads/Coolangatta


              MON       5.00 pm QLD Time (6.00 pm NSW)    Yoga/Pilates   (during Daylight Saving Time)

                      5.00 pm Winter Time (for both sides of the boder :-))                                                                (very gentle stretches with focus on breathing technique/Pranayama, ideal for Beginners,            intermediate students and stress relief)


              THURS    8.30 am QLD Time (9.30 am NSW)  Pilates (during Daylight Saving Time)

                               8.30 am Winter Time (for both sides of the border :-))


              FRIDAY   8:00 am QLD Time (9:00 am NSW) Pilates/Balance (during Daylight Saving Time)

                               8:00 am Winter Time (for both side of the border)

                              This class is specially suited for elderly and Beginners. We work on Balance and Core

                              while having a lot of fun :-)







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